How did we capture that amazing ZinZanni footage?!

As a creative agency, when we set about working with the great folks over at Teatro Zinzani, we first had to brainstorm the concept that would inform the creative. We came up with half a zillion tag lines until we hit upon the perfect one: “Words cannot describe”. Based upon our near endless discussions about finding the right words to describe ZinZanni, we decide to admit words just weren’t going to do it… we had to use video to show it.

Our client loved it, and hired us to execute on our creative.  

Partly because of the involvement of the talent that performs the show, the pre-production was intense. The best explanation of how the whole thing came together probably comes through our Director of Photography, Brian Stevenson.

Yeah, the whole project was ambitious to say the least. To get what we needed for the spot, we had to capture nine top-tier performers in a day, a 16-hour day. We had to really do a lot of planning, especially because we had to augment Zinzanni’s theatrical lighting with ours. Theatrical lighting needs some boosting to look good on camera. So not only did we have to change camera position for each act, we had to completely re-light it.

“The most important thing was the pre-production work,” says Brian. “I went to the venue with our producer, Marika Dye and our director, Kelly Sparks four times in the planning process. We had to see the show, walk the tent, plan shooting angels and figure out how to get the height we needed to capture that trapeze act. We also had to find the right people pull focus, light and advise. We had a great team to pull it off.”

“You have to remember that we only had a short time to capture each act. First, we had a LOT to shoot that day, and second the acrobats could only perform the feats a few times…one was so difficult they could only do it once. So the pressure was on.”

Brian smiles and says, “My advice when you want to capture something like this? Plan, plan and plan. Have a great team like VMG do all the pre-planning and execution. Talk to your performers a lot and then keep your focus and execute. Simple.”

Our guess is when we submit this on awards season; this ‘simple’ little spot will win its fair share.